Recently on world wide TV was the Martin Scorcese 2 part documentary on the Beatles.
Living In The Material World,
I watched it in Sydney, second episode only, George Harrisons renunciation of materialism was featured. George was stabbed numerous times by a knife wielding maniac in his own home.
Mercifully he recovered, only to die later of cancer.
Then a most riveting part of the story was related.
His wife explains to the camera, that when he died, his spirit leaving his body, lit up the whole room. She emphasized this incident. It wasnít a byword, a throw away line. It was prominently put. Millions have watched this documentary on global TV.
The documentary is 2 yrs old available on disk for $10 from video shops.
Yet I read half a dozen reviews selling the documentary and all they talk about is drugs, beatlemania etc, No mention of the medical oddity of a dying man glowing.

Are we all asleep ?

No TV journos chattered about this medical anomaly.
Victor Zammit had not seen this. No one but ME brought this to his attention. No one even from his word wide emailing list.
Isnít any one fascinated by this ? And its implications ?
The answer seems everyone is just too engrossed in enjoying life in the physical here, to want to wake up to the little cracks in our reality, which is clearly virtual. Numerous little messages that our atheist materialist life here, is an illusion. Promoted by the media who want to sell stuff to sleepwalkers. Big Pharma owns and controls the media. They donít want to wake anybody.
It might disrupt the cashflow. I suggested to Victor Zammit he could write a movie review using the above clip, and talk about the tremendous significance of a beatle glowing at the death point. A different kind of movie review. Of course its wrong to reproduce a short clip of that money making video. Victor would need to get permission to run it on Youtube. He would have greater chance of success than I. Itís still a long shot.
But if the afterlife message could be attached by Victor to famous beatle George it would have an enduring and major impacting effect potentially, as long as it is carefully explained to the sleepwalkers.
Victor Zammit is just the man do that.