Price war declared in Sydney Hurrah ! Spreadin' the Noos
Heralded as a NEW PRODUCT in  Sydney healthfood stores is Organic coconut oil. Price war has broken out already with Supermarkets trying to kill the small business healthfood shops. Ethnic food shops also sell organic Coconut oil. If it doesnt say organic don't buy it. It can be  dangerously hydrogenated by food manufacturers which deposits large quantities of fat permanently into your liver, which can be lethal. ORGANIC is the one for you. 
In conversation I have encountered people who have cooked with it all of their lives in Fiji yet are unaware of its newly discovered curative properties.
Cooking with it occasionally  doesn't have the same effect as 4 tablespoons daily. Another Fiji housewife was astonished at my sister's reported weight loss of 2.5 Kgs in 1 week of coconut oil.  So wisdom can be  hidden in plain sight,  even from expert users.

Coconut oil is suddenly on Sydney TV for cooking and detoxing. Serious  research is beginning in formal studies. And the possibility of something 10 times better,  being commercially  available,  ketone esterase comes closer as Dr Veechs discovery is encountered by food and drink manufacturers. A new drink that puts you off food ? Businesses will tread carefully with this one. Weight loss industry could run with it first. And governments might get involved to tackle the obesity epidemic. 
Now its 2015 And Big Pharma TV in Sydney is denigrating coconut oil denouncing all of the "wild claims" (which I have never heard of, how curious) but conspicuously omitting its effects on dementia. It could easily dent admissions to Aged Care Homes which are prolific users of  pharmaceutical tranquilisers like valium, demerol etc to keep the patients zombified,  so they require minimum staff, to maximise  corporate profit
Comparison of American brands
To find local brands available simply type OIRGANIC COCONUT OIL into Google Your local shops spruiking their brands, will be in your face at the top of your search. Yellow Tagged as Advertisement. Its because your every keystroke is watched