Did this happen to Mozart ?

Veteran Gnostic Jill writes -- This morning during my meditation, I saw a beaming smiling face come forward and shower me with its loveliness.  Even now it lifts my mood to remember. 
Another thing I have been realizing is how Dad will take something I have been thinking about and even days later present me with a vision or song to match that, proving He quietly and independently works behind the scenes to enrich my mind and life.  The other day I had "Blue on Blue" stuck in my head because I was using a lot of blue glazes in my art that week and feeling excited about the results.  This morning another heart popped into my head with a lacey pattern on it all in blues, so pretty I wanted to try to replicate it her on this plane of existence.  He's like a child who makes a pretty picture for his mom and surprises he with it when she least expects it. Here is the song, by the way:
Here are the best lyrics of the song that makes me see why He sent it to me:
Night after lonely night, we meet in dreams
As I run to your side
You wait with open arms, open arms
That now are closed to me
Through a veil of tears
Your vision disappears
And I'm as blue as I can be
It expresses how wonderful it is being together each night in dreams and the sadness that we must part each morning when I awake, at least until I am fully realized and He is with me every conscious moment.  I know that is inevitable though so I am happy.
Enhanced personal life described by Jill, occurrs as the daily outcomes of Lay Gnosis. In many cases people can be gnostic without realising it.  So could say, a creative person, like Mozart have been given ideas in dreams and quiet times ? 
Many great breakthroughs and advances have come from dreams. Imagine a billion more  gnostic Jills today. Suffused with pure bliss. Romanced day and night with  the most  exquisite love songs. This is heaven on earth.